Mitas and Vredestein expand trailer tyre ranges

The Mitas unit of Trelleborg Wheel Systems has added two sizes to the Agriterra 02 tanker, manure spreader and trailer range, largely to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requests.

European OEMs influenced the 620/40 R22.5 introduction for use on trailed equipment such as balers, silage wagons and so on, while North American manufacturers were reportedly keen to have the 620/75 R26 added to the line-up, primarily for self-propelled windrowers and the like.

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With a high load capacity and 65kph rating, the radial tyres are designed for productive transportation with low ground pressure and good self-cleaning properties.

The Agriterra 02 range now comprises 14 sizes for 22.5-30.5in rims.


Apollo Vredestein has also expanded its trailer tyre range with two new designs.

The Floatation Optimall applies carcass structure technology developed for the manufacturer’s VF category Traxion Optimall tractor tyre to produce a high load capacity but very flexible design with reinforced bead and shoulder areas.

The VF 750/60 R 30.5 Flotation Optimall tyre

The VF 750/60 R 30.5 Flotation Optimall © Peter Hill

It was developed to meet growing demand for large, flexible tyres that minimise the impact heavy transport machinery can have on the soil, the company says.

As a VF category tyre, the newcomer has the ability to carry heavy loads at much lower inflation pressures, enabling the carcass to plant a longer and wider footprint on the soil to minimise rutting and compaction, and to make the equipment easier to tow.

Available in seven sizes from 600mm to 800mm section width and 22.5in, 26.5in and 30.5in rim diameters, it has a block tread pattern with larger blocks down the centre and outer blocks formed into a divergent lug for good self-cleaning characteristics.

Rounded shoulders are designed to minimise surface damage, especially during tight headland turns, as the tyre will likely be used on large slurry tankers, muckspreaders and trailers operating on grassland.

The Endurion Trailer tyre, meanwhile, is heavy-duty with ultra-high load capacity, designed primarily for industrial-type trailers.

The steel belted radial construction is said to draw on the performance characteristics of Vredestein’s Endurion loader/telehandler tyre, in particular its durability and wear resistance, with the square-cut block tread pattern supported by a slightly raised stabiliser belt down the centre.

A sidewall protector guards against damage from rocks and other impacts, and the tyre has been introduced in 560/60 R22.5; 600/55 R26.5; 650/55 R26.5; and 600/60 R30.5 sizes.

Heavy-duty Endurion tyre

In size 650/55 R 26.5, the heavy-duty Endurion © Peter Hill

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