Retrofit trailer scales alert drivers to exceeded load limits

Norfolk firm Bowmonk is offering an on-board weighing kit for farm trailers.

The retrofit scales are built by Load Master, for which haulage kit specialist Bowmonk is the UK’s distributor.

It allows operators to monitor real-time stats relating to payload, gross trailer weight, individual axle weight and drawbar weight.

There’s also an overload alarm that will alert the driver should the cargo exceed legal or manufacturer-set limits, which will be particularly handy when hauling on public highways.

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Weight read-outs can be viewed on a handheld wireless unit, which means it’s easy to swap between tractors.

The kit doesn’t interfere with any of the trailer’s working components or its electrical supply, either, and works with all trailer suspension types.

There’s also the option to print out load records and Bowmonk says accuracy is around 2-5% of maximum weight.

Prices range from £1,795 to £3,244, depending on how many axles the trailer has and whether it’s got steel-sprung or air-sprung suspension. Installation takes roughly four hours.