Swedish bale trailer keeps load in place without straps

Increasing numbers of bale trailers are being fitted with hydraulic load-securing sides, including the latest MetaX Mooring from Swedish firm Metsjo.

This 12m flatbed holds its load in place with a pair of hydraulically adjustable bars running down each side.

These are made from a single length of lightweight steel tube, with a particularly high tensile strength. 

During loading, these bars drop down neatly in line with the trailer’s floor, meaning there’s no ledge to lift the bales over and no framework hanging below the floor either.

Once the load is in place, they are raised using a double-acting spool valve so that the bars clamp each row of bales securely.

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To keep the design simple only the top bars are connected to hydraulic rams, with the bottom ones being pulled up by a basic linkage.

Fully loaded, it can transport 40 standard 1.2m round bales and up to 60 big squares. Depending on the size of the size of the bale, the hydraulic bars can be adjusted to make sure they grip the load in the correct place.

All up, the 12m MetaX mooring weighs 5.16t and it’s rated to carry a 15.8t payload.

The trailers are not at present on sale in the UK – the firm is looking for distributors – but it is possible to import them.

The list price for the 12m trailer pictured is €28,000 (£25,000), but the firm also makes a smaller 9m version, as well as a premium MetaU offered in lengths of up to 16.2m.