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Transforming farm efficiency: Avant loaders spearhead agricultural innovation

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Discover Avant Tecno UK, leading the industry with compact loaders and over 200 attachments, tailored for diverse farming needs. From electric models to dedicated support, we redefine efficiency in agricultural operations.

In the dynamic world of agriculture, efficiency and innovation are paramount. Avant loaders have emerged as transformative tools, revolutionising farm operations worldwide.

Farmers like Richard Overton from Overton Farms have experienced first hand the profound impact of Avant loaders on their daily tasks.

Addressing ergonomic challenges

Farm work often involves lifting heavy loads and navigating tight spaces, leading to physical strain and fatigue.

Avant loaders offer a solution by combining robust lifting capacity with a compact design, reducing the need for strenuous manual labour. Richard Overton notes:

“Just the other day we were able to deliver and unload 16 tonnes worth of slabs round the back of a private property in no time at all. Previously this would have taken 2 or 3 days of hard graft with a wheelbarrow; so, the time saving is incredible. I think the Avant Loader really is a Swiss Army Knife”.

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Versatility across loader series

Avant loaders come in a range of series, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern farms. From the compact 200 series to the powerful 800 series, there’s an Avant loader and attachment for every task.

Richard adds, “The root grapple isn’t just for roots; it is also used for picking up round bales of straw and logs. It has a great feature where the top grapple closes in two bits so if you have an uneven piece of wood, it doesn’t just grab one side of it; it works independently, which is really clever.”.

Innovative features for enhanced productivity

Equipped with a variety of features, Avant loaders enhance productivity on the farm. High lift capacities, adjustable telescopic booms, and quick attachment changes make it easy to tackle a wide range of tasks with efficiency and precision.

With over 200 attachments available, farmers can customise their Avant loaders to suit their specific needs, from feeding livestock to landscaping and everything in between.

Cost-effective and reliable

Farmers like Richard Overton emphasise the cost-effectiveness and reliability of Avant loaders. With diesel efficiency and low maintenance requirements, Avant loaders offer a cost-effective solution for farm operations of all sizes.

The support from local Avant dealers ensures that farmers have access to reliable assistance and service whenever they need it.

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Embracing innovation and tradition

Celebrating 25 years as a loader importer in the UK, Avant continues to blend innovation with tradition.

The Avant loader series represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and time-tested reliability, providing farmers with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving industry.

By embracing Avant loaders, farmers honor a legacy of excellence in agriculture while propelling the industry forward.


Avant loaders stand as beacons of agricultural innovation, empowering farmers to optimise efficiency and productivity. From ergonomic design to versatile functionality, Avant loaders provide solutions to modern farming challenges.

As farmers continue to embrace the capabilities of Avant loaders, they chart a course towards a future defined by efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in agriculture.