Turn your farm 4×4 into a snowplough

Snowploughs can be cumbersome bits of kit, but this one imported by Reading firm Kersten is light enough to hang off the front of Land Rover or pickup.

Called the Meyer Path Pro2, it weighs just 80kg and can be fitted or removed in less than a minute once the receiver plate is installed.

The blade itself is 2m wide, 46cm deep and has replaceable metal scrapers to make it last a bit longer.

Plough angle can be adjusted in the cab and there is also an optional electric-lift system. Handily, this can be operated from inside or outside the cabin.

The plough kit comes in a single cardboard box and can be installed in less than 30min.

It is available with brackets for most 4x4s and the full kit costs £1,295 plus delivery and VAT.

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