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UK farmers preparing trip to Agritechnica

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Agritechnica, the world’s leading agricultural machinery exhibition, takes place in Hanover, Germany, 12-18 November 2023. With 2,600 exhibitors expected across 23 halls, Agritechnica is the largest venue for arable farmers, anticipating over 400,000 visitors.

With the bulk of the harvest now completed, many UK farmers have started to prepare their trip to Agritechnica taking place in Hanover, Germany, 12-18 November 2023.

Over 6,000 visitors from the UK are expected this year at the largest show for farm equipment.

UK farmers take advantage of Agritechnica to make investment decisions for agricultural machinery for the farm.

As all the leading farm equipment manufacturers have already registered as exhibitors – among 2,600 expected companies – farmers from the UK can be sure to see the full range of machinery solutions on display.

Agritechnica presents the whole range of agricultural machinery, from crop-protection sprayers to drones, from tractors to autonomous equipment systems and from combine harvesters to digital-assistance systems.

A Claas combine harvester exhibit at Agritechnica event

© Agritechnica

UK farmers advised on two full days at Agritechnica

DLG (German Agricultural Society), the organiser of Agritechnica, recommends that farmers from the UK plan in three nights in Germany to visit the show for two full days.

Online tickets, which can be booked now, are the optimal way to avoid queues at the door, leaving more time to inspect farm equipment up close.

Many farming groups fly into Frankfurt from the UK and then take the fast train to Hanover.

Martin Williams, arable farmer in Hereford and frequent Agritechnica-goer, is planning to take that route.

Martin Williams

UK farmer Martin Williams is keen to explore the spraying technology on show at Agritechnica © Agritechnica

“Agritechnica is a global event that offers farmers an opportunity to see things outside your own zone.

“At the last Agritechnica, I discovered robotics and automation for the field that I had not seen presented that way before,” says Martin Williams. 

“Agritechnica shows me where agriculture is going and also what machinery we can use to gain an edge when margins are tight, like right now.

“My biggest challenge at the moment is staffing. In November, I will therefore be looking for anything that can help solve that problem.

“Spraying technology is also on top of my shopping list, such as machinery that can identify weeds.

“This is a hot topic right now in my neck of the wood,” adds Martin.

For a preview of the upcoming Agritechnica event, take a look at the video below.


Innovations presented across 100 acres indoors

With more than 2,600 expected exhibitors across 24 halls across over 400,000 sq m of exhibition space, as well as a broad international technical program, Agritechnica 2023 is the largest exhibition for agricultural machinery.

With the theme “Green Productivity” denoting how new concepts and pioneering innovations ensure agricultural productivity while protecting nature, climate and the environment, Agritechnica’s technical programme offers hundreds of interactive presentations.

Over 250 candidates in the prestigious Agritechnica innovation award scheme will be presenting market-ready world premieres, of which some will be selected for a gold or silver award.

The gold medal at the last Agritechnica was presented to Nexat‘s “all-in-one system tractor” that handles all work steps, from soil cultivation to sowing, crop protection and harvesting.

Nexat‘s all-in-one system tractor on a country road next to a field

Nexat‘s “all-in-one system tractor” was awarded the gold medal at last year’s Agritechnica © Agritechnica

Instead of conventional hauling, the implements for tillage and cultivation are carried by the Nexat tractor, leading to increased efficiency compared to tractor and towed implement combinations.

With the 14m version, the Nexat system is designed in such a way that 95% of the total field area is never driven on in the envisaged bed mode, resulting in high yield potentials with good soil and environmental protection.

Silver awards at the last Agritechnica included novel solutions in all areas of crop cultivation, from systems for automatic dust extraction, compaction prevention and direct-injection crop protection to adjustment control technology for auger cutter bar and automatic machine guidance and regulation of tractors’ speed and the baler settings.

Farmers from the UK can also discover futuristic concepts from the nominees of an Agrifuture Concept award – the integrated drift management concept using spray-drift tendency and buffer zones along with distance control is one example.

UK visitors and exhibitors in the top ten

With 6,000 visitors and 60 companies at the last Agritechnica exhibition, UK participation is in the top ten.

Farmers can explore the current exhibitor list here, which features more than 2,500 exhibiting companies from over 50 countries.

The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) and UK TAG are organising a country pavilion at Agritechnica 2023.

In addition to exhibitors’ offerings, Agritechnica will be exploring practical topics in depth, including:

  • Smart farming: Automation-enabling technologies for efficient work in the field.
  • NEW: DLG.Prototype.Clu: Teams of software engineers will solve technical challenges set by exhibitors.
  • Agrifood start-ups: An exhibition and networking area for agricultural start-ups.
  • International dealer and service centre; Workshop LIVE: Technicians demonstrate maintenance and repair work live alongside the international dealer centre, the venue for trade professionals.
  • Systems and components: Suppliers to farm equipment makers will present components, including engines, drive trains and spare parts.
  • NEW: In-house farming: Feed and food The feature focusses on self-contained food production systems, like vertical farming.

Visit the Agritechnica website.

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