UKgrain event on 5 November aims at farmers looking to boost drying capacity

After this year’s damp and frustrating harvest, many farmers are looking to boost their grain drying capacity to avoid being caught out again.

But what’s the answer? Maybe a pukka continuous-flow system that’s a big investment but will give you high throughputs? Or a cheaper mobile drier that can be wheeled into action in wet harvests?

Or maybe you just want to make small improvements at minimal cost like improving your moisture and temperature monitoring, or adding a stirrer?

Or, alternatively, maybe you’re wanting to find ways to cut your grain drying energy costs?


For the answer to these (and many other) questions, your best best is to go to this year’s UKgrain event at the Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire on Wednesday 5 November.

More than 50 companies involved in grain drying, handling, storage, ventilation and pest control will be there, as well as firms who can advise you on reducing energy costs and group or co-operative storage.

To find out more, go to the UKgrain official website or ring 08454 900142. Cost is £10 on the door, but you can download half-price tickets.  

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