Updated Doyle bale buggy will be at Lamma

An updated version of the Bale Buggy from Irish company Doyle Engineering will be on the Wrag stand at Lamma. It gives a neat way of gathering two round bales of straw or silage so that they can be picked up easily by a two-pronged bale spike.

It will fit any make of baler, says the firm’s Denis Doyle, and plumbs into the baler door hydraulic circuit. So it is fully automated and no input is needed from the driver. It can also handle 4×4 and 5×4 bales.

Once the first bale is made, it simply rolls to the back of the short sledge.

Then, when the second bale is made, it trips a device that lowers a rear restraining bar and allows both bales to then roll out next to each other.

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