Uprated Alanco Sprayranger

Heavier duty axles and uprated air suspension and brakes have given the Alanco Sprayranger self-propelled sprayer a lift by allowing an increase in maximum tank capacity from 2,500 to 3,000 litres.

But with a laden weight only just over 1t, the machine still has good low ground pressure characteristics, says Keith Wood of Alanco.

Higher capacity cast rather than welded Comer steering axles are used at both ends and attached to the chassis by leading front and trailing rear arms with uprated air bag springs in between to absorb the worst of a rough field surface. Active ride-height control ensures full wheel travel is available regardless of the load carried, while a new air-over-hydraulics braking system copes with the bigger load capacity both in the field and on the road.

Another consequence of the new braking system is a tidier cabin and better driving position; eliminating the master cylinders from the cab has allowed the steering column and pedals to be moved forward a touch. Spraying controls are now mounted on the air suspension seat, making them easier to use over rough ground, and there is a neater, more effective cab ventilation and air conditioning system.

The drive-train continues unchanged, comprising a 140hp Ford petrol engine and auto transmission, with output reckoned to be enough to handle the extra weight of the 3,000-litre machine.

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