Used buyer’s guide: JCB Fastrac 3220

Expert’s verdict

Typically harder to shift on the export market than conventional tractors, 3000-series Fastracs still command a good premium in the UK. Bill Pepper, Cheffins.

With a choice of either 80kph or 65kph gearboxes, the obvious advantage of the Fastrac is its speed.

However JCB’s innovative design brings with it some other significant benefits – suspension on all four corners and separate oils for the transmission and hydraulics. This, and the fact that twin-calliper out-board discs are used, mean that there’s no contamination of oil in the back end.

As the company’s most powerful offering of the time the 3220 is the logical choice for anyone with a mix of fieldwork and haulage to do. “Plus” specification adds electronic spool-valves and a short-throw gear-lever to the rejigged right-hand console.

Gearbox issues are the main area of concern with used Fastracs, particularly when they’ve clocked a few hours. Run up the road and listen for any graunching, particularly when changing between fifth and six gears; that’s often a sign that the synchros are on their way out. Check that the three-step power-splitter works in both manual and auto modes. Smoothshift multi-plate oil-immersed clutches rarely give any grief.

When it comes to suspension, treat the Fastrac as you would any second-hand 4×4. Use a pry-bar to check for slop in the bushes and anti-roll bars. And, while you’re under there, give the drive-shaft and prop-shaft yokes a thorough going over.

Run the air compressor up to full pressure and then kill the engine to listen for any leaks. More often than not it’s just a case of tightening loose hose-unions.

2003 JCB 3220 Fastrac

  • 200hp

  • 8,100 hours

  • Condition: Excellent

  • £19,900

  •  JCB Fastrac 3220

  •  JCB Fastrac 3220

  •  JCB Fastrac 3220

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