Valtra tractors vie for the 120hp market position

According to Valtra, the average power of tractors sold in the UK is now approaching the 120hp mark.

For this reason the number of machines it offers in the 100-150hp bracket continues to grow.

To cover this segment the Finnish firm has launched a new tractor range which is said to be 100% Valtra-built – not sharing a common platform with other Agco-owned brands such as MF – although the tractors do use Fendt’s front axle suspension.

Unveiled at the Agritechnica show in Hanover this week, six models make up the N-series range – available in three different specification levels, Classic, Hi-tech and Advanced – rising in sophistication as the names suggest.

Smaller tractors in the range are powered by 4.4-litre, four-cylinder Sisu engines, while the two top-end models use a new 4.9-litre unit with common rail injection and a power boost in transport mode.

Transmission specification depends on the model designation, the Classic being a 24 forward x 24 reverse synchro-box with a mechanical shuttle.

The Hi-Tech transmission is identical, but includes an electro-hydraulic clutchless shuttle and optional creeper gears.

Advanced models use the top spec transmission, which repeats the Hi-Tech layout, but includes automated shifting in medium and high range.

Both the lower specification models feature mechanically-operated spool valves while Advanced versions employ armrest-mounted electronic controls.

Valtra says that, as a result of using four cylinder engines, the new N-series tractors are compact enough to work in cramped conditions.

Maximum height on 18.4R34 tyres is 2.8m.