Vervaet introduces new Q-series beet harvester

Dutch maker Vervaet has unveiled a new, lighter-treading Q-series beet harvester to fill the boots of the outgoing Beet Eater 617.

There are two different models, which are both named after their tank sizes.

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The Q-616 with 16t capacity tank has a fixed ring elevator and distributing auger, while the Q-621 has an extendable ring elevator and will carry 21t.

The Vervaet Q-616

The Vervaet Q-616

The ring elevator is 20% wider than the previous 617 model and the discharge elevator now sits at the front of the tank to give a lower centre of gravity and better view during unloading.

Q-series machines also have the option of spreading the back wheels to distribute weight more evenly. The front wheels turn to eight degrees to give a tiny inside turning circle of 2.4m.

In engine terms, the Q-616 is equipped with the same 465hp DAF block as its 617 predecessor, while the Q-621 gets a 510hp version. Both these power the new machine to a top speed of 40kph.

Empty, the machines weigh in as low as 24t and 26t depending on the choice of toppers and lifting systems, of which three are available.