Vervaet shows off smaller Hydro Trike spreader

Vervaet has unveiled a smaller version of its Hydro Trike spreader.

The new lighter-weight model will carry 16t, rather than the 18t of the XL version, and does not have the extendable rear axle that helps spread the weight over a wider footprint.

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Propulsion comes from a 480hp DAF Paccar MX355 engine that drives through a 40kph-rated hydrostatic transmission using two Sauer-Danfoss pumps.

In the spreading department there’s a fully automated system that runs through an in-cab touchscreen, so all the operator has to do is enter the target application rate and product density – the machine will then determine the gate height, floor speed and other parameters.

There’s no word on prices yet, but as a rough guide the bigger model starts at £350,000.

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