VIDEO: Claas ups its 100hp offering

Claas has broadened its Arion range to offer three new models in the 100hp to 130hp bracket.


Slotting in between the existing Axos 300 range, which spans the 75-105hp line-up, and the Arion 500 series, which ranges from 117hp to 160hp, the Arion 400 replaces the old Ares 500, now defunct thanks to Tier 3 emissions legislation.

The four-cylinder 400 is based on the same frame as the older Ares, but adopts many of the features of its larger brother, the Arion 500, including a power boost on higher spec models – a somewhat unusual feature on this size of tractor.

The three-model range has a height of 2.74m when shod with 34in wheels, compared to the 2.95m of the Arion 500 and 2.71m of the smaller Axos, thanks to a new low-profile roof.

The Arion 410, Arion 420 and Arion 430 are all powered by the same 4.5-litre 8-valve Deere Power Systems Powertech E common rail engine and have a rated power of 95hp, 105hp and 115hp respectively.

Two specification levels are on offer. Standard spec comes with 16/16 Quadrishift transmission, 60 litre/minute hydraulic pump coupled with separate 46 litre/minute steering pump and two double acting spool valves.

The CIS versions boast a further 10hp power boost on all three models, meaning max power rises to 110hp, 120hp and 130hp. Unlike most powerboost systems, which operate only in transport or when the pto is engaged, the Arion’s kicks in at 6.5kph in range C, when the pto is engaged, if there’s a hydraulic requirement or if the viscous fan is running.

CIS tractors can also be fitted with the option of a Quadractiv powershift transmission, meaning operators can choose between manual or automatic electro-hydraulic range shifting, making it more akin to its CVT cousin, the CMatic.

A higher capacity hydraulic arrangement means 98 litres/min is on tap at the push of a button, with three separate pumps to direct oil flow to the different services. This is also an option on standard models, too.

For those aiming to do a lot of loader work, there’s an option of a multi-function joystick complete with gearshift controls which pretty much makes the standard gear lever redundant.