VIDEO: Massey Ferguson enter the tractor ‘super league’

Massey Ferguson‘s much-heralded flagship MF8690 tractor was launched at the Innov-Agri event in France this week, ahead of a roll-out of four further models in Italy later this year.

First shown at MF’s 50th anniversary event in May, it is the company’s most powerful tractor to date and is rated at 340hp with a maximum power output of 370hp. It is powered by a four-valve common rail Sisu 8.4-litre Citius engine, and is the first tractor to use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology.

SCR uses technology previously found only in the truck market and replaces the more common exhaust gas recirculation designs currently on the market.

mf8690 460


By treating exhaust gases with urea, gases are converted into nitrogen and water and increasingly tough emissions limits are met without having to compromise engine performance, says Campbell Scott, sales engineering and brand development manager. “If you were to run this tractor in Beijing or any other densely polluted area, the exhaust fumes expelled would be cleaner that what goes in.”

The urea, known by its trade name AdBlue, is used at a rate of 5% AdBlue to diesel and stored in a tank in front of the main diesel tank.

The 8690 is equipped with a heavy-duty version of the DynaVT CVT transmission, alongside a new feature called Dynamic Tractor Management.

Engine revs are minimised and fuel efficiency optimised by letting the electronics set optimum engine speed automatically. The transmission can be driven in lever, pedal or self-propelled or forager mode, so operators can choose whichever suits the job they are doing.

The new Panorama cab is said to have 28% more space, as well as better visibility and access. A new ISObus-compatible display screen contains SD and USB ports for transferring information between machines.

A novel addition is the SpeedSteer option, which enables the operator to adjust the steering ratio to suit the task. Two suspension options are available.

mf8690 2

Rear linkage capacity is 12t and an integrated front linkage with a 5t lift capacity is new onthis tractor. Hydraulic power comes from a 175 litres/min pump and the 8690’s closed-centre hydraulic system can have up to six spool valves, with flow, timing and other settings altered using the control arm.

The 8600 range, available from January 2009, will replace the 8400 group of tractors, which will cease production at the end of 2008. Prices have yet to be announced.


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