VIDEO: Nifty pto safety system


Accidents involving pto shafts have maimed and killed many farmers and farm workers over the years, but two new simple protection products could save lives.

Manufactuered by Irish firm Reliance Bearing and Gear Company, the Access Protect system being demonstrated at Lamma will stop a pto shaft dead if an operator falls in its path.

The novel system is hard wired into the tractor’s pto brake and if a person servers the trip wire-style trigger, it will immediately engage and lock the shaft solid.

Installing the system is a straightforward process and Reliance says any technologically minded person should be able to handle the wiring duties. The full system costs £185.

The firm was also demonstrating its handy quick-release pto shaft covers which give quick and access for greasing. 

Opening two sturdy clips allows the cover to be separated from the universal joint and slid out of the way in seconds. Replacement is said to be equally simple, meaning fewer expletives and cleaner fingers during maintenance.

It also means operators are more likely to put the cover back on one they have finished.

Standard-size covers cost £90 and wide-angle models are £185.

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