VIDEO: Welmac branch chopper gives a speedy way to bag up logs

Ever wondered what to do with those 75mm (3in) wide branches that it’s not worth trying to chainsaw through (not to mention it being dangerous) when you’re tidying up woodland? This Czech-made, pto-powered TR70 branch logger from Welmac UK will chop up a long length of 3in-or-less diameter branch into 80-120mm lengths in about four seconds, thanks to two three-bladed rotary chopping drums. The logs go straight into two sacks with a flap that swaps the flow from one to another.

Welmac supplies 40 bags free and can supply packs of 100. So you can let the logs dry in the bags and use them to power a log burner or even sell the bags for £3 a go at the farm gate. Cost of the unit is £2950.



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