Vogelsang strip-till slurry system now adjustable

Vogelsang XTill VarioCrop

German slurry kit specialist Vogelsang says its latest XTill VarioCrop strip-till/slurry application system can now easily adjust its rows from 45cm to 75cm.

This, says the company, means farmers and contractors can use strip-till technology with maize, OSR and energy sugar beet crops. As the soil is being tilled in strips, the liquid manure is simultaneously deposited directly in the root area of the crops.

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That means the full value of the liquid is used and there are no ammonia losses. The VarioCrop system allows the depth of cultivation and quantity of liquid to be controlled independently of each other. Two outlets mean the manure can also be controlled independently, giving users a two-stage nutrient level.

Compared to older strip-till methods with narrow row spacing, the VarioCrop is said to give more accurate tillage zones that are clearly separated from the area between the rows.

The width of the cleared strip can be adjusted up to 25cm, says the company, and the untilled area between the strips remains covered with harvest residues. That means the machine can follow the ground contours accurately and keep a constant tillage depth, something that is crucial for the success of the method.

Liquid manure can also be applied at two different depths simultaneously. Not only that, but the depth adjustment can be tailored to the working conditions and crop.

Nine adjustment settings give maximum flexibility, says the company, with all settings accessible from the back of the unit for quick adjustment.


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