Watson and Brookman unveil pesticide induction hoppers

Stainless steel product specialist Watson & Brookman has developed new pesticide induction hoppers equipped with twin container rinsing nozzles.

The idea is to exploit the cleaning action of the ProClean rotating multi-spray nozzle and the ProClean Plus blade jet produced by Hypro-EU. Together, the two rinsing devices should ensure that pesticide containers of all sizes can be cleaned thoroughly using the minimum amount of water.

The hoppers can have a rear-hinged or sideways-opening lid with the ability to support up to three containers while they drain. Water accumulating on the lid goes back into the hopper when it is closed and pressing the lid activates the ProClean nozzle to clear any residues from the underside.

The ProClean spinning nozzle produces rotating jets that project upwards into the main body of the container but also downwards to clean the neck area and handle.

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