Weaving grassland subsoilers ease the effects of compaction

As interest grows in minimising the effects of grassland compaction from heavy silage trailers and muckspreaders, Worcestershire company Weaving Machinery is the latest firm to unveil a grassland subsoiler.

In fact, it now has a range of two-, three- and four-tine subsoilers, but the aim is the same for all models – to eliminate the need to have to keep livestock off grassland to let the sward re-establish itself.

Called the Grassland Sublift, the new machines claim to be able to loosen the root zone while leaving the surface sward virtually undisturbed for immediate access to grazing.

Special features of the machines include an adjustable tine angle to give the best balance between soil lift and power requirement, shear-bolt protection on the tines and a full-width 460mm-diameter flat roller thatas adjustable hydraulics to control working depth and can be water ballasted.

The Grassland sublift is available for the 2010 season and costs from £4200 for the twin-tine model.


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