Weaving Machinery widens Subdisc range to include wider trailed models

This very substantial looking cultivator is the trailed version of Weaving Machinery’s mounted 4m Subdisc cultivator.

The company has been making the mounted Subdiscs since 2008 and widened the model choice to trailed versions in response to farmer requests. There are now 4m, 5m and 6m trailed models, with the 4m needing about 200hp and the 6m about 300hp.

The machine will work from 5in depth down to 14in and looks like it should be a good pan buster. Wearing parts are cheap and easy to fit, says the company, and the discs can be lifted out of work to turn the machine into a straightforward subsoiler or to sow oilseed rape. Prices are £19,800 for the 10-leg trailed 4m model and £23,800 for the 12-leg 5m version.


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