Weaving showcases Sabre Tine Drill

Weaving sabre tine drill

Plenty of fields across the UK are still saturated, so lots of farmers are choosing tine drills as the best way to get seed into the ground. Weaving Machinery’s interestingly-named Sabre Tine Drill should appeal to those struggling with the ground conditions.

The angle of the three rows of tines is adjustable, as is the position of the seed pipes. But the main feature of the new drill is the new tungsten-pointed tine, which is narrow to minimise soil disturbance. Two rows of levelling tines should tidy up any loose soil at the back.

The same 1.5t hopper is shared with the firm’s standard tine drill and an RDS auto-calibrating metering system allows seed rates to be changed on the move.

Weaving reckons the main appeal of the Sabre drill is the low horsepower requirement. It can be used either on ploughed ground on directly into stubble, with working widths extending from a 3m rigid version up to the widest 8m variant.

Prices start from £26,090.

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