Weaving Subdisc suits wet conditions

As the wet harvest gives way to a wet cultivations season, equipment that can work in damp conditions is a in particular demand. And the latest piece of tillage equipment from Evesham, Worcester firm Weaving Machinery is claimed to work even in the wettest conditions.

Called the Subdisc, it is a stubble cultivator that is available in a 7-tine, 3m version, a 9-tine, 4m version and a 5m, 11-tine version. Wider machines fold down to a transport width of 2.8m.

The Subdisc operating elements consist of a double row of low-draft tines at 50cm centres which work at depths of 10-40cm. The tines have hardened knock-on points for low running costs.

The second element is is a row of 510mm diameter scalloped discs that move all the soil and give an even mix of straw and soil. They are individually mounted with a rubber torsion suspension system to absorb shock loads.


The final element is a 600mm heavy duty packer roller, which the company says is virtually unblockable, which presses the soil and straw together for rapid decomposition.

All adjustments are spannerless and the working depth of the discs is set hydrauilically and then locked with spring spacers. The tine working depth is controlled by a simple pin system.

Power requirement is 40-50hp/m of working width. Outputs of 4, 5.2 and 6.5 acres/hour respectively for the three models are said to be typical.

Prices are £8800 for the 3m version, £16,800 for the 4m and £18,800 for the 5m version.


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