What’s in your shed? Henry Taylor’s rather green shed

Oxfordshire farmer Henry Taylor is the latest to reveal the contents of his mainly-green machinery shed.

Blenheim Farm, Banbury, Oxfordshire

Farming 205ha of arable and grassland in a family partnership
Cropping 55ha feed wheat, 52ha spring barley and 57ha oilseed rape
Other activities 41ha Italian rye grass for haylage business Taylor Made Forage
Contracting Contract baling and wrapping
Staff One full-time plus a couple of causal workers at harvest time

The kit

Tractors John Deere 6830, John Deere 7810, John Deere 4650, John Deere 3140, John Deere 4020, Massey Ferguson 185, Massey Ferguson 165
Telehandler Caterpillar TH407
Combines John Deere 1188 Hydro 4, John Deere 1085
Cultivations & drilling 5-leg McConnel Shakerator, 8-leg McConnel Shakerator, 10m Vaderstad Cambridge rolls, Kverneland 4-furrow plough, 6.5m Vaderstad Carrier, Wil-Rich spring tine cultivator, 4m Maschio power harrow, 4m Vaderstad Rapid drill, Accord 4m power harrow combination drill
Sprayer 20m Knight sprayer mounted on JD3140 with 1000-litre front and back tank. It’s also used for liquid fertiliser
Haymaking 10.2m Lely 1020 tedder, Claas Liner 2800 rake, Claas Quadrant 2100 baler, John Deere 459 conventional baler, Richie hydraulic bale sledge, McHale 995LM mini square bale wrapper, McHale 998 wrapper
Muck K-Two Bio 14t spreader
Grain dryer 10t Entecon mobile dryer

* How loyal are you to individual brands?

It’s fair to say I’m very loyal to John Deere, particularly when it comes to tractors. I might consider having a Fendt, though.

* Who is your favourite dealer?

Park Farm Machinery is one of the best dealers I’ve come across even though it’s based miles away in Leeds. Our Cat telehandler came from there because they did such a good deal. The service is brilliant, too.

* Favourite piece of kit?

John Deere 6830 – it’s a great all-rounder, powerful for its size, comfortable and best of all it’s got a fridge in it.

* Least favourite piece of kit?

Any cabless tractor.

* Latest purchase? What do you think of it?

Claas Quadrant 2100 baler – it’s only just arrived so I’ll let you know later in the season.

* Oldest piece of machinery still at work?

Our 1968 John Deere 4020 is the oldest machine still at work. It fairly quiet most of the year, but gets heavily involved during haymaking.

* How long do you keep your machines?

Forever. Once they arrive in the yard, they never seem to leave.

* What’s next on your wish list?

Another 6830 or 6930 to replace the old 3140 sprayer tractor.

* Most embarrassing machinery mistake?

Buying a Claas Quadrant 1150 baler that didn’t work with the rest of my kit. The rake made too wide a swath for it and the bales were too small for my wrapper.

* Most awkward grease nipple?

Discs on the Vaderstad Rapid.

* What’s you best invention?

Additional fans for the Cat telehandler’s asthmatic air conditioning.

* What couldn’t you live without in the workshop?

Angle grinder, welder and WD40.

* Do you ever buy second-hand?

Yes, when the price is right and the condition is good.

* Favourite/ least favourite job?

Bale wrapping is my favourite, emptying septic tanks the least.

* What’s your everyday transport?

Mitsubishi L200 – it’s a really nice truck, but it’s seriously thirsty.

* Best tractor you’ve ever had?

The 7810 is probably the best. It’s solid as a rock, really gusty and sounds fantastic.

* Biggest machinery bargain?

Second-hand Lely tedder. It was in incredibly good condition and I managed to get it for a great price.

* What would you do if you won the lottery?

Buy one of everything John Deere, excluding the compact range.

* Any machinery toys/ classics lurking in the shed?

Other than the 6830 and the 7810 all the tractors are classics.

  •  John Deere tractors
  •  John Deere 1085 combine
  •  John Deere 4650
  •  John Deere 4650
  •  Lely 1020 tedder
  •  John Deere 4020
  •  Caterpillar TH407
  •  John Deere 7810
  •  Massey Ferguson 165
  •  John Deere 3140

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