Willow shows new mower from Rozmital and regenerator from Carre

Carre grass rejuvenator Willow Farm Machinery was showing a centre pivot suspended mower from Czech Republic maker Rozmital aimed at smaller and medium-sized farmers.

This 2.6m version and its 3m big brother have been on test in Ireland and East Europe for three seasons. They use Rozmital’s own mower bed, but Comer gearboxes, and both are available with a nylon finger conditioner unit. Power requirement for this model is 60hp and it costs £6,500.

Willow also brings in drills and cultivators from French firm Carre. This Prairial unit is a grass regenerator and comes in 3m fixed or 4.5m and 6m folding versions.

It’s a little different from most such machines on the market. First, a set of sprung slitting tines (they can be single or double) go though the ground at about 100mm (4in) depth. Right behind those are a series of sprung levelling boards for bashing down molehills and cowpats, followed by two rows of scarifying times to pull out dead grass and generally tickle up the vegetation. A seeder box can also be added.

Cost is £4,500 for the 3m version, £7,800 for the 4.5m folding and £10,500 for the 6m folding model.


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