Woodbank Timber offers farmers long-lasting pine posts

Suffolk-based firm Woodbank Timber has launched a range of SurePine pine wooden fencing posts as an alternative to the spruce posts used by most farmers and contractors.

Pine posts can be a viable alternative to spruce, says WoodBank Timber’s Adrian Howden. “The sapwood of both spruce and pine species is classified as non-durable.

“This means that it is important to ensure the timber is protected through timber preparation and treatment, particularly for in-ground applications.”

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“The defining difference between the two species is their ability to absorb the preservative solution to reach the required level of durability.

“With spruce, it is difficult to attain the required level of preservative penetration whereas pine is far easier to treat and achieve the required 100% sapwood penetration.”

SurePine posts are dried properly before being treated with Koppers Performance Chemicals’ Celcure C65 preservative. 

“The advantages are clear and we are already seeing a high level of industry curiosity and demand for SurePine,” he says.

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The 85mm 1.65m machine-rounded 15 year-warranty Surpine posts retail between £2.35-£2.70 each, depending on quantity.