WRECKERS YARD: County crawler pulls a wheelie

These pictures might be grainy but this is quite clearly a crawler in distress.

County Crawler

In the late 1970s John Hopkins’ father was ploughing some stomach-churningly steep ground on a hill farm near Aberystwyth.

 County Crawler2

With reverse gear out of action he had resorted to making a full turn on the bracken at the bottom of the slope. 

County 4

Unfortunately the crawler had other ideas and, on hitting a slight mound, came to a complete halt with its nose pointing skywards.


The plough was quickly detached and rolled to the valley bottom. (If you peer closely it’s in the bottom left hand corner of the picture). For a while that seemed like the only option for the County as well but it proved too tricky to roll and another crawler was brought in to the rescue.

County 5

Thanks to John for sending these shots in.

If you’ve got any amusing snaps of machinery mishaps send them in to fwmachinery@rbi.co.uk 

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