WRECKERS YARD: Deutz Fahr 4.70 goes tree felling

Here’s what happened when the driver of this Deutz left the handbrake off at the top of a steep hill in North Austria.

These are the smashed up remains of what was a Deutz Fahr 4.70.

Destroyed Deutz

Driver Gebhard Aschenbrenner from Austria left the little green machine at the top of a steep hill whilst he went for lunch.

He can only assume that the handbrake failed because the tractor rolled down the hill, gaining enough speed to take out a fair sized spruce, chopping it in half.

The Deutz was naturally a right off, but the Taarup topper is back out working, with just a few dents to the topper and driver’s pride.

Thanks to Gebhard Aschenbrenner for sending the picture in.

If you’ve caught any amusing machinery mishaps on camera email them to us.

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