Wreckers Yard: Ford Focus vs New Holland tractor

When a car hits a tractor you expect the car to be the loser. But it didn’t happen that way for this New Holland tractor driven by Sandra Harrop’s brother.

The incident happened as he was straw-carting from the Chesterfield/Sheffield area to their farm near Bakewell, Derbyshire.

It was his first load of the day and he was leaving the field at about 8:30 am.  He edged out of the field onto the road and from out of nowhere came a Ford Focus which hit the tractor side at about 40 mph.

Wreckers yard Harrop

The impact split the tractor in half but all the car had was a dent in the front of the driver’s side, although there was some damage underneath.  The two occupants of the car got out, one called the golf course to tell them they would be late for their lesson and the other called the fire service because there was oil on the road. 

Fortunately Sandra’s brother just had a few glass cuts on his hands where the window screen had come in on him.  He was more shocked about the damage to his tractor.

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