WRECKERS YARD: Hitachi digger in a bit of a hole

We’ve all heard of the saying: “When you’re in a hole, stop digging” – but the driver of this Hitachi 360 digger obviously hasn’t!

WY: Hitachi digger

While levelling a tip near Bann Foot (Co. Armagh, N. Ireland) the driver hit a soft spot and sank. It took one week to rescue the machine and they had to use a bulldozer, a Ford County with a heavy winch and a 14t JCB track machine to finally get it out.

To top it all off, it happened on April Fool’s Day!

Many thanks to ‘the dozer’ of County Armagh for sending this in. If you have any photographic evidence of embarrassing machinery mess-ups – send them in to fwmachinery@rbi.co.uk

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