WRECKERS YARD: John Deere 8530’s got that sinking feeling

Tractor driver Alex Payle was given the job of subsoiling an 80km stretch of re-instated topsoil on a gas pipeline installation running from Tirley in Gloucestershire to Brecon in mid Wales. 

By mid October he’d clocked 1000hours on the John Deere 8530 he was using for the job. Then, in the middle of one afternoon, Alex made his first run in a new field and this was the result…

Sunken JD 8530 main

Apparently he had hit an exceptionally damp patch caused by what is called a lagoon drain. These are dug next to the pipeline trench to drain the water off and this particular one was still carrying a lot of water by the look of things.

It took a 20tonne 360 digger, a Caterpillar D6 bull-dozer and a bent front pin to pull the big tractor free.

Thanks to Alex for sending the pictures in.

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Later this year we’ll be judging the coveted title of ‘Wrecker of the Year’. Aside from the highly prized title, we’ll also be giving away a digital photo-frame worth £150 for the best pictures.

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