WRECKERS YARD: Keenan goes up in smoke

These pictures were taken 23 Aug 2006, just after 6am at R M West & Son’s Stocken Farm in Buckinghamshire. 

WY: Keenan 2

During morning feeding, the Keenan feeder burst into flames and the fire quickly took hold aided by a swift wind. 

WY: Keenan

Luckily, the wind took the flames in the opposite direction to the thousands of straw bales stacked across the yard. 

WY: Keenan 3

The NH8260 was a write off and the brand new Keenan was badly damaged but, like a phoenix, has returned.

WY: Keenan 4

The old trailer, full of muck, was a write off and a poor trainee fireman was given the job of sifting through the contents with a fork and hose. 

WY: Keenan 5

The combine, despite its back tyre being badly burnt and its fuel tank having half melted has survived and is still working – many thanks to the Buckinghamshire fire service. 

WY: Keenan 6

Many thanks to R M West & Sons for sending these in. If you’ve caught any amusing machinery mishaps on camera send them in with a short explanation to fwmachinery@rbi.co.uk 

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