WRECKERS YARD: Massey Ferguson 390 and Marshall trailer go pot-holing

The driver of this Massey tractor and Marshall trailer got caught out by the very pot-holes he was aiming to fill in.

Tipped Trailer 1

While hauling trailer-loads of hardcore to repair a track at his farm at Elgin near Moray in Scotland, James Yool realised he was actually making things worse.

“I kept going through a large pothole on the way there and back, thinking ‘mmm this hole’s getting bigger.”

Eventually it got the better of him. The Marshall trailer could take no more and rolled over in surrender.

Tipped Trailer 2

“It made the digger driver chuckle but he also saved me having to dig it out by hand.”

“The trailer made full recovery and was put straight back to work tipping umpteen loads of silage into our pit.”
Thanks to James for overcoming his embarrassment and for sending these shots in.

If you’ve captured any amusing machinery mishaps on camera, send them in to fwmachinery@rbi.co.uk

Later this year we’ll be judging the coveted title of ‘Wrecker of the Year’. Aside from the highly prized title, we’ll also be giving away digital photo-frames worth £75 for the best pictures.

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