WRECKERS YARD: One way of unloading bales into a shed

You may have seen these pictures before in the Wrecker of the Year Competition. We thought, however, you might like to see them again in all their glory.




This trailer load of bales was unhooked from the tractor, but started slowly rolling away.


Bob, the driver, did consider jumping from the loader in an attempt to apply the handbrake, but decided that with only 2ft between the trailer and fence, it didn’t seem worth it.


Picking up speed, the trailer rolled down the hill straight into the covered area of the cattle coral, missing the steelwork by about 10inches.




It did take out one upright, but with a bit of steel and a lot of 6in nails it was put back, almost like new.




Thanks to Robert Priest for sending the pictures in.


If you’ve caught any amusing machinery mishaps on camera email them to us.


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