You decide on future classic tractors in the making

The criteria for nominating a “Classic in the Making” are difficult to define and, as there are so many that are potential candidates, we’ve decided to confine our choices to machines built in the past 10 years.


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So here is my pitch, one machine that I believe will be a future classic is the JCB 3185 Fastrac.

My reasons for picking this machine are first that not enough were sold to make it too common, and second because I believe choices like John Deere’s 6810 are too easy and obvious.

Although not the first Fastrac from the Staffordshire-based manufacturer, or indeed the last, it is, in my humble opinion, one that has an almost cult fan base.

You either love or loathe the Fastrac in general, but even more so the 3100 series.

Ironed out

By the time of its introduction most of the major problems with build quality and gearboxes had been ironed out and bringing in Smoothshift oil-immersed clutches improved driveability and reliability.

The styling of the machine is somewhat timeless and isn’t that dissimilar to the latest 250hp, CVT 8250. However, the cab interior already looks dated, which, with time, will only serve to give that retro, classic feel.

It looks the part, especially hitched up to a trailer. Not the easiest bit of kit to drive, there’s a certain sense of man mastering machine once you become a slick Fastrac operator.

3050 10KCase MX135

Fair enough, it receives plenty of deserved criticism for its pulling ability in the field and it gets stick for being gutless. But on the open road it handles well and for lighter field work you’ll struggle to find a machine that comes close to the levels of comfort the machine offers.

The Fastrac 3185 will perhaps be a surprise selection, and one that many will disagree with, but the beauty of this task is that only time will tell. If I’m wrong at least I won’t know for another 10 years.


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