Zedlock shows new range of high-security gate locks

Zedlock has launched a new agricultural gate lock that is designed to be much tougher to break through than traditional chains and padlocks.

The Sussex firm’s latest version comes with a more durable key system than was used on the original model launched in 2011.

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The lock is designed to be fitted permanently to most metal field gates and is pretty much a standard five-lever deadlock hidden inside a tough zinc-plated steel box.

A 20mm-diameter stainless steel bolt replaces the regular spring bolt and is free to slide in and out until it is locked by turning the key.

Fitting a Zedlock is a DIY task that takes about 15 minutes. The kit comes with a template and large hole cutter. Other than that, only basic tools, a power drill and 3mm and 13mm drill bits are required.

Extra accessories include a double gate claw and prices start at £58.34.

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