Zetor plans 200hp tractor for 2015

Czech Republic maker Zetor says it plans to double the number of tractor ranges it offers from the current three to six.

At the top of the line-up, the long-awaited new Maxterra will include a six-cylinder 200hp model. The launch date for the range is expected to be 2015. At the other end of the power scale, the launch of the new compact Zetor Major model – which went into serial production in February this year – is expected to provide another boost to the company’s finances.

Orders stood at 350 tractors before the first machine came off the production line, and the total build figure for 2013 is now expected to be more than 1,000 units.

Overall, profits at Zetor more than doubled in 2012 to hit £9.35m. According to the company’s deputy executive director and production manager, Marian Lipovsky, much of the growth was due to the introduction of the flagship Forterra HSX. Full production of this model began in June 2012 and 405 of the new tractors were built by the year-end.

Forterra range

All Forterra tractors now use Zetor’s 16-valve, 4.2-litre engine. This has been fitted with a cleanable diesel particulate filter in the Forterra HSX range to meet stage 3B emissions regs.

Four-wheel-drive Forterras are now also fitted with a new Carraro front axle and central drive shaft.

Other new tweaks on 2013 Forterra models include better soundproofing in the cab, a high-vision panel in the roof to aid loader operations and an engine stop integrated into the ignition key.

A new cab suspension system is now available. This replaces the standard rear cab mountings with a spring-and-damper arrangement for better comfort. The suspension system is available as a factory option at £750 and as a retrofit kit from Zetor dealers for about £1,000.

Proxima range

Proxima tractors have a new front bonnet design and a roof window to aid loader use. The position of the radio and optional air-conditioning system has also been changed in the roof panel to fit in with the new design.

Major range

For the time being, the Zetor Major is only available as an 80hp tractor. But Zetor says it will have 50hp, 60hp and 70hp models as well, with the smallest of these likely to appear in 2014.

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