Zetor’s high hopes for Forterra 135

Although the 99hp Proxima 9541 is its best seller,  Zetor is convinced its new 136hp Forterra 135 is going to boost sales.

The biggest tractor the Czech firm builds, the new flagship employs a revamped version of its own homegrown four-cylinder engine.

The company has managed to make it meet the latest Tier 3a emissions rules without the need for complex electronic governors or common-rail fuel injection.

Instead a 16-valve cylinder head is used but an old-school mechanical pump is retained. 

Aside from its racy new styling pretty much everything else remains the same – 24F x 18R gearbox with three-step splitter and mechanical shuttle plus 70-litre/min hydraulics. Prices start from £33,800 on-farm.


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