14 chems miss EUsJuly ban

12 July 2002

14 chems miss EUsJuly ban

FOURTEEN key pesticides set to be banned from next July as a result of the EU review of existing products have won a stay of execution, thanks to an industry initiative led by the Horticultural Development Council.

A vigorous response from a consortium including the NFU, British Crop Protection Council and Pesticides Safety Directorate means they can now be used in a range of crops until 2007.

The "essential use" concessions have been granted on the basis that no effective alternative plant production products would have been available. As part of its response the HDC submitted a Gap Analysis highlighting the economic damage any bans would have caused.

"Weve worked very hard on this and it is a great victory for the UK growers to receive these extensions for use," said an HDC spokesperson. &#42

Essential uses include fumigant fungicide 2-aminobutane, which plays a key role in keeping potato seed stocks free from skin spot and gangrene, including susceptible King Edwards worth around £55m/year.

Essential uses

Approval extended to December 2007 for specific uses of 2-aminobutane, azaconazole, cyanazine, fenpropathrin, fenuron, fomesafen, metoxuron, oxycarboxin, pentanochlor, prometryn, resmethrin, sodium monochloroacetate, terbacil, terbutryne.

For full list of approved uses see arable area of www.fwi.co.uk

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