£67 record for Scotch Mules

29 August 1997

£67 record for Scotch Mules

A RECORD average of £67 was set at Castle Douglas on Monday when 17,800 Scotch Mule ewe lambs were sold.

The rise was 90p, even though 1600 more were sold than last year, when a £16 increase in the average price was seen.

Top bid was £106 given by Lammont Hair, Cairnhandy, Stranraer, for lambs from the Mitchell family, Mains of Larg, New Luce.

At Thornhill last Friday

And at Thornhill last Friday, the top was £95 for the champion pen from Alex Brown, Macqueston, Tynron. The average for 8266 Mule ewe lambs was down £2 on the year at £70.40 but strong, well bred lots were £3 to £10 up on 1996.

At Lockerbie, halfbred ewe lambs sold to £84.50 for the top pen off Tympanheck last week. The average was £64.50, a drop of £1 on the year.

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