2000 fine for dumping dead calves

13 December 2000

2000 fine for dumping dead calves

AN Isle of Wight farmer has been fined 2000 after admitting three charges relating to the disposal of animal carcasses on his farm.

Robert Poulter, of Hunnyhill Farm, Brighstone, was asked to pay 1500 plus 500 when he appeared before Island magistrates on Tuesday (12 December).

He admitted three charges – two brought under the Animal By-Products Order and a third under the Dogs Act. All offences occurred in April and May this year.

The charges stemmed from reports by the public to trading standards officers that a dead calf had been visible from the road for more than a week.

When officers attended the farm, they also found a rubbish tip with one or more carcasses or parts of dead calves on it.

The third count, under the Dogs Act, was brought because legislation requires carcasses to be buried to keep from dogs and other scavenging animals.

Margaret Kirkman, for the Isle of Wight council, said the thrust of the prosecution aimed to prevent the spread of disease.

Mrs Deborah Harman, for Mr Poulter, said that, in common with many farmers, her client was struggling against severe economic difficulties.

But he did not walk his farm or supervise his stock sufficiently.

He was fined 500 for the single-calf offence and 1000 for the rubbish-tip breach. No separate penalty was imposed for the Dog Act summons.

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