3000 more turbines needed

THE CONSTRUCTION of on-shore wind farms has hit a record high in 2004, according to the Financial Times.

But if the government is to meet its renewable energy targets the development of offshore developments must increase, reports the paper.

It says that if the government is to meet its 2010 target of 10% of energy coming from renewable sources – of which wind is expected to provide 75% – a further 8000 MW of wind capacity is needed.

This represents a further 3000 turbines that need to be built across the country and around the coast to supplement the 1000 already in existence.

Patricia Hewitt, the trade and industry secretary will open the European Wind Energy conference in London on Mon (Nov 22).

 The paper says that it is the first time since 1989 the conference has been held in the UK which is a “mark of the country‘s emerging strength in the market”.

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