4WD tractors lead SDF bid to raise UK sales

6 November 1998

4WD tractors lead SDF bid to raise UK sales

By Ian Marshall

SAME Deutz-Fahr – SDF- is making a concerted effort to improve its position in the UK tractor sales league.

Spearheading its attack on the product front is the introduction of three new, restyled, four-wheel drive tractor ranges – three Sames, a similar number in Lamborghini colours and two Deutz Agrotrons.

In addition to a new shape, all also feature new engines – the Lamborghini is a completely new design – new transmissions, cabs and control layouts.

At the lower end of the price scale come the Same Rubin 120, 135 and 150. Numbers equate to horsepowers, which are produced, for the first time in this marque, by turbocharged 6-cyl liquid cooled engines, with the 150 gaining extra power from an intercooler.

Drive is now through an 18×18 powershift transmission with powershuttle. This contains nine forward and nine reverse gears in two ranges with clutchless shifting between ranges, giving forward and reverse speeds from 1.5-25mph and from 1.6-25mph.

A 9×9 super reduction box covers forward/reverse speeds from 0.4-1.5mph and 0.4-1.6mph, giving a total of 27 speeds in each direction.

Gear changing is now button-operated from a single armrest-mounted multifunction joystick, as is the electronically controlled reverser.

An optional Automatic Powershift System (APS), enables the operator to pre-select the highest working forward and reverse gears, or combination of gears, to suit operating conditions.

Basic prices of the Same Rubin 120 and 135 are £49,500 and £53,500, with the 150s to be announced.

The new transmission is also standard – with APS again an option – in the up-market Lamborghini Champion 120, 135 and 150.

Here, too, numbers equate to horsepowers, these coming from derated versions of the 6-cyl liquid cooled, Resonance Intake System Engine (RISE) used in the 190hp Same Titan, but further developed by cylinders having three valves – two inlet and one exhaust.

Effectively, this combination is designed to maximises the flow of air into each cylinder across the 1400-2350 engine rev band resulting, says SDF, in optimum power and torque characteristics throughout the engines operating range.

The engines also have an "Incremental Power" feature – as the speed decreases from its rated speed of 2350rpm, power output increases by a quoted 5% down to 1800rpm.

Lamborghini Champion 120 and 135 carry basic price tags of £50,500 and £54,500, with the 150s still to be announced.

At the top end of the power league comes the 230hp Deutz Agrotron 230. This model has a specification which mirrors that of the 260hp Agrotron 260 (Machinery, Sept 18), but employs a derated version of the 7-litre power unit. Price £87,220. &#42

Latest Same Rubin models from SDF feature a 6-cylinder liquid cooled engine driving through an 18 x 18 full powershift transmission with powershuttle reverser.

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