500 pledges for FW plea

18 August 2000

500 pledges for FW plea

READERS of farmers weekly and Horse & Hound throughout the country voiced strong support for our plea to allow farmers and landowners to make their own decision about whether to allow hunting on their land. Keen to lend their support, the staff of one farm and fencing supplies company from West Sussex submitted 28 signatures.

Many who support our campaign do not hunt but value the contribution hunting makes to the countryside. In the words of one Glos producer: "I do not hunt myself but to ban hunting would not only be contrary to civil liberties but also mean that foxes are controlled by other methods which are equally, or more cruel than fox hunting."

The Editors of farmers weekly and Horse & Hound plan to take your signatures to Downing Street to drive home the strength of feeling against a ban on foxhunting and other country pursuits. One reader from Ross and Cromarty had a key question for Prime Minister Tony Blair: "If foxes are not controlled where will your organic free range eggs come from?"

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