80% of crop circles are fakes

9 August 2000

‘80% of crop circles are fakes’

By FWi staff

HOAXERS are responsible for 80% of crops circles which appear mysteriously in fields across Britain each year, claims a scientist.

But the remaining 20% are caused by the Earths magnetic field says Colin Andrews, who has been studying the subject for the past 17 years.

Mr Andrews told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme the intricate trampled circles which annoy farmers should be seen as man-made crop art.

The problem occurring in Wiltshire and Hampshire to the farming community should be recognised and accepted that these are man-made.

But Mr Andrews said more research still needs to be done on the simpler circles which he attributes to magnetic fields.

The very simple circles which are appearing around the world are where the mystery still remains.

In the past it has been claimed that crop circles were UFO landing sites, the results of hedgehogs rolling or caused by mini tornadoes.

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