A new era for Farmers Weekly

Farmers Weekly has entered a new era with a fresh look, improved readability and lots of exciting features. 

It’s more than a decade since we changed the design of the magazine significantly. That’s because the old design was a good one – it has served us well.

But British farming is going through its biggest period of change in a generation, driven in part by Brexit but also by the globalisation of agriculture and a wave of new scientific and technical developments that promise to transform the way we farm.

The front cover of the 26 January edition of Farmers Weekly

That changes the needs and priorities of our readers, and we need to evolve to reflect that.

Our starting point was to listen to you. We continuously poll readers to ask what you think of Farmers Weekly and what we could do to make it better. We’ve pored over your responses and conducted additional research among groups of readers to make sure we understand how the magazine could better meet your needs.

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More depth, more insight

One message was very clear: you want more depth and insight to help you make sense of the changes taking place and understand what they mean for you.

So we’re devoting more space to analysis and interpretation. But we’re also going to break down our in-depth, analytical content into more digestible chunks, using more bullet points, graphics and other elements to pull out the key information and answer the questions on your mind.

No more squinting

We’ve also made some adjustments designed to make Farmers Weekly easier to read. We’ve changed the font we use and the way we lay out text in columns, to improve readability. And we’ve cleaned up our Prices & Trends section and increased the font size, so hopefully you won’t have to squint any more to read the numbers.

We hope you like what we’ve done with Farmers Weekly. For the past 84 years our aim has been to produce the best possible magazine for British farmers. We think the changes we’ve made will help us to continue to do that, at least for the next few years.

 And we’d be delighted to hear what you think. After all, it is your Farmers Weekly

Karl Schneider
Farmers Weekly’s editor

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