A power dresser who can clear the room…

25 February 2000

A power dresser who can clear the room…

HIS baseball cap cost 20p at a car boot sale. After 4 years of wear, tear and engine oil the Chicago Bears logo still shines through.

He wears a brown checked jacket – its got welder burns all down the front and has been chewed by the dog. At the front, its held together with four safety pins.

The once tidy maroon jumper is also a victim of the welder. The shirt (if I can call it that) is a collar, a sleeve, three buttons and a hole.

The green combat pants – not exactly à la mode – are ex-army trousers sewn up the back with yellow thread, and sporting a very smart denim patch on one knee stuck on with copydex. No baler twine for a belt but a real leather one that has been snapped twice and repaired by him with four small nuts and bolts.

He does insist on wearing good quality, clean wool socks, the kind that come up to just under the knee and need the support of garters. Not for him the one inch wide black elastic variety, his are basic elastic bands scrounged off the postman.

The modern phrase "power dressing" springs to mind. Dressed like this he has the power to clear our cosy little kitchen in seconds.

Mrs K Fitzsimmons

Ramshawfield, Bardon Mill, Northumberland.

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