Action expected on more antibiotics

27 May 1999

Action expected on more antibiotics

By FW staff

A EUROPEAN Commission working group is expected to recommend tighter controls on the use of four more antibiotics used as growth promoters in livestock feed.

The working group is expected to make an announcement when it reports to the European Unions Scientific Steering Committee tomorrow (Friday).

Experts have been examining concerns that the use of avilamycin, bambermycin, monensin sodium and salinamycin are causing resistance to medicinal antibiotic in humans who eat meat.

It is understood that the group will now recommend a restriction on product use and call for the drugs to be limited to veterinary prescribed health programmes only.

The Brussels-based Standing Committee for Animal Nutrition has already backed a commission proposal to ban virginiamycin, tylosin, zinc bacitracin and spiramycin.

A decision taken last December to ban the use of a further antibiotic – zinc bacitracin – could be reversed, however, and it will instead be brought under the suggested new veterinary controls.

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