Activists to file US pesticides suit

03 August 1999

Activists to file US pesticides suit

GREEN activists in the US are filing a suit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asking it to speed up its review of dangerous pesticides.

The activists want prompt action to ban the chemicals posing the greatest risk to the food supply, saying restrictions announced yesterday (Monday) are inadquate.

The EPA announced the restrictions on the use of two common pesticides because of concern over childrens exposure to them.

Environmental groups are basing their case on the fact that the EPA is legally bound to prioritise the chemicals thought to be the most dangerous.

The list covered 228, two of which – methyl parathion and azinphos-methyl – were covered by yesterdays announcement.

Methyl parathion is an insecticide thought to affect nervous system development; azinophos-methyl is made by Bayer of Germany and used on peaches and apples.

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