Ad-lib feed dispenser mimics pig rooting

22 May 1998

Ad-lib feed dispenser mimics pig rooting

ALLOW pigs to root naturally for food without contaminating uneaten food with the Trio ad-lib feeder, says supplier Durofarm.

Feed is dispensed in small amounts when pigs move their snouts forward, but because the delivery mechanism is separate from the trough, feed contamination is avoided, says the company. Feed is dropped only into the centre section of the three section polymer concrete trough. The outer smaller bowls have nose drinkers to provide fresh water without wetting feed, it adds. The trough is also said to be rounded, so feed does not stick and become stale.

The Trio feeder, which is double sided for fitting in pen divisions, comes in two sizes for pigs of 7-35kg and 25-115kg, and costs from £165 (01462-816666, fax 01462-850957).

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